What is an 'Agent Showcase'?

What is an Agent Showcase?

A showcase at Actors Forge is the opportunity to audition in front of a guest panel of agents (or one individual agent).  Most frequently seen at drama schools following the course you have undertaken, this is your time to shine and seek representation.


Who can attend an Agent Showcase?


We run things a little differently to drama schools.  For our regular agent showcase drama school training is not a prerequisite to you participating - neither is your lack of experience.  If you are passionate, professional and have a talent you are welcome to attend.

What happens at Actors Forge Agent Showcases?

If you are new to Actors Forge (if we have not seen you work) attendance to the rehearsal is compulsory.  You will bring your piece (monologue or scene) to the rehearsal, go through your paces, get advice on blocking and whether the piece is right for you (e.g. have you cast yourself correctly).  Assuming all is well you are able to go through to the showcase.


IF you decide the piece is not right for you or we feel that you would benefit from more time working on it, we reserve the right request that you attend one of the future showcases.  Should that happen you are not charged again until you participate in a showcase and can attend as many rehearsals as is necessary without

further payment.

How many actors will be in each showcase?

Approximately 10 - 20 depending on the individual agent/s request.

How do I choose which scene to perform?

Your casting is what is relevant here.  Avoid classic scenes/performances, e.g. Street Car Named Desire, Gone with the Wind, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep.  If you pick such a scene you will be setting yourself up for a very difficult time because immediately the comparison will be made.


Can I bring a scene partner?


If you scene partner wishes to book a space on the showcase then yes.  Otherwise readers will be made available for you.

Can I invite friends, family, casting directors, other agents etc?


What is 'blocking'?

If you are performing in front of an agent and you are constantly turning your back to face away from them (e.g. your intended audience) you are blocking yourself.  Bear in mind when actors work on screen/theatre, they visible for the most part of the performance - unless the speech requires otherwise.

What questions should I ask in the 'Q&A' session?

Ask industry related questions please.  Use the time wisely you don't need to appear to be profound or you may be noticed for the wrong reasons!


Is representation guaranteed following an agent showcase?

No, of course not. You *may* be called in to meet with one of the agents - we are thrilled to say we have already experienced several successes for actors since our UK debut in March 2012.


Will it help if I call and/or e-mail the agents after the showcase?


No, this is not advisable, unless the agent specifically requests you personally to do so.  You will bring with you to the showcase a resume and head shot for each attending agent.  During the Q&A that follows the showcase you will have the opportunity to ask industry-related questions of the agents e.g. what is the timescale for call-ins etc.  Should you happen to be appearing in a performance after the showcase, then do invite agents along to see you work.


You are there to be seen by the agent, do not attempt accents if they are not certified, remember your audience and adjust your performance accordingly.  We are repeatedly told by casting directors and agents they make their minds up about an actor within the first 30-45 seconds of a performance.